Scholarships /Bursaries And Grants At Herzing College In Canada



Scholarships /Bursaries And Grants At Herzing College.

Herzing College offers a variety of scholarships that are available only to deserving students. Bursaries and grants may also be available through the Manitoba and Federal government. See the webpage for more information on Herzing College.

John Brandt Award: Three $1,000 scholarships are awarded throughout the year based on in-school student submissions and the subsequent approval of the award by the senior management team evaluating all current applications.

William R Rootham Scholarship: Every year, up to $20,000 ($5,000 per the main campus) in William R Rootham Scholarships will be available to the selected student who is interested in enrolling in technology programs such as networking or programming. The Scholarships will generally be for $1,000 and will be applied pro-rata over the length of the program. Except there is a sudden change in a student’s financial condition, the Scholarship must be applied for prior to commencing classes at Herzing. This Scholarship Application may be obtained from the admissions department. The scholarships will be awarded based on three separate criteria.

  1. Aptitude: must have a minimum of 25 on the Herzing Alternative Admissions Test. Scholarships will be awarded on a “first come first serve” basis. We encourage you to apply early. A total of 2/$1,000 scholarships will be awarded in each campus.
  2. Need-Based: this scholarship is limited to applicants who need additional funding to cover either living expenses or to cover tuition payments when available funding is less than total tuition and fees. This is also awarded on a “first come first serve” basis. A total of 2/$1,000 scholarships will be awarded on each campus.
  3. Interest in Field: this is awarded to applicants who have an interest in the field of technology. A total of 1/$1,000 scholarships will be awarded I each campus. Social media submissions will be used to select a group of qualified entries from which a winner will be selected for the scholarships.
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Internship Expense Assistance Scholarship: Internship is a rewarding experience where students acquire real-life experience and hands-on training. We are aware that many of our students going out on internship to incur various expenses such as travel, childcare, purchase of professional clothing, etc. In an effort to eliminate some of these expenses, Herzing College has partnered with internship employers to give eligible students weekly expense support while on internship.

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Qualified students that enroll in a participating program will receive a minimum of a $100 weekly expense support while on an internship program.