PhD Schoraships for international students in Germany


PhD Schoraships for international students in Germany : ( Deadline : 01 June 2020 )

Scholarship for doctoral students
Villigst also offers scholarships for PhD students. Graduate students apply on their own initiative. Scholarships are awarded in compliance with the regulations of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Scholars receive financial aid of  1350 Euro a month plus a book allowance of 100 Euro. Scholarships are initially awarded for one year. They can be extended on request, but may not exceed three years.

Besides providing financial aid, the graduate scholarship of Evangelisches Studienwerk comprises a wide range of academic offers:

  • Summer university
    A broad variety of seminars are held at the Villigst Campus during the summer months. Academics, experts, students and graduates with different academic and professional backgrounds come together to discuss issues in an interdisciplinary atmosphere.
  • Graduates’ Convention
    Graduate scholars meet twice a year to discuss and present research. Those who wish can be part of a network of Villigst graduates who offer help and advice to undergraduate students.
  • Democracy
    Villigst is a democratic organization and encourages all students contribute to the institutional life.
  • Local groups
    Scholars meet regularly with other Villigsters from their university in local groups. Group meetings may often take place in pubs, but there is usually some Villigst business to be discussed.
  • Publications
    PhD students have the opportunity to publish their dissertation (see »Villigst Perspektiven«)

Our scholarship for doctoral students
Every year Studienwerk supports 200 doctoral students of all types of subjects with scholarships and a comprehensive range of educational programmes. The scholarships are awarded in accordance with the guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research: here the students’ own earnings and personal living situation are the decisive criteria.

Currently the complete scholarship amounts to 1350 Euros per month. In addition doctoral students receive a fixed sum of 100 euros for research.
Unfortunately applications from doctoral students whose work is in the final stages can no longer be taken into consideration for a doctoral scholarship at Evangelischen Studienwerk.
Scholarships are initially granted for one year and upon application extended to a maximum of three years. If children under 12 years of age for whom a person receiving a scholarship or a doctoral scholarship is responsible and for whom they have custody live in the student’s own household, the student shall be entitled to a childcare allowance and support for a parental year.

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Requirements for the application for doctoral scholarship support
The following formal requirements apply for the application:

  • Membership in a Protestant church (exceptions in justified cases)
  • Completion of first university degree in a short period of time
  • Above-average performances in studies and examinations (final grades at least »good«, in law »fully satisfactory«)
  • Qualification which entitles doctoral studies
  • Foreign students may apply if they have been admitted to a doctoral programm at a university in the Federal Republic of Germany

Application for a doctoral scholarship – documents and procedure
There are two application deadlines per year (1st December and 1st June). Please submit the following documents for your application for a doctoral scholarship:

Application documents

  • Personnel record [PDF]Personnel record [PDF]
  • Two references from professors or university lecturers with doctor titles, one of which must be written by your academic supervisor (information on the criteria for references [PDF])
  • Outline, concept and timeline of the thesis (max. 15 pages plus bibliography)
  • One tabular CV and one detailed CV (essay), both signed (max. 2 pages each)
  • Copies of your leaving certificates (A-level, bachelor, master, diploma, etc.) with individual grades and overall grades
  • Proof of admission to a doctoral programme
  • Informal statement for non-Protestant applicants (please explain your interest in Evangelisches Studienwerk and your thoughts on religion and the church)
  • Certification of knowledge of the German language on the level of B2/DSH
  • Statement if you expect to complete your PhD abroad
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You can find more information in our FAQ.

The reference must be provided on your institution’s official headed paper and include your full contact details (name, address, telephone numbers). It must be signed by hand (no electronic signatures allowed) and submitted in the original. It should be a minimum of 1 DIN A4 page and a maximum of 3 DIN A4 pages. Please send the reference back to the applicant in a sealed envelope or submit it to us separately.
We cannot accept references from family members or close relatives.
You can find up-to-date information about the application process, requirements, documents and deadlines on our website at

Dates and fees

  • Deadline 1st December: a decision on whether a scholarship is granted or not is made on the basis of personal talks in April.
  • Deadline 1st June: a decision is made on the basis of a personal interview in October.

A repeated application is generally not possible. The selection is made on the basis of the written application documents and a personal interview.

We charge a fee of 19 Euros for processing your application. Please transfer this sum to the following account by the end of the application process, stating your full name and the keyword »Processing fee for doctoral support« in the bank remittance:

Account holder: Ev. Studienwerk e.V. Villigst
Account number: 211 257 001 5
Routing number: 350 601 90 (Bank für Kirche und Diakonie)
Reason for payment: Name, first name, »Processing fee for basic support«
BIC: GENODED1DKD, IBAN: DE74 3506 0190 2112 5700 15